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Online Master of Science in User Experience

The master’s in user experience online program addresses UX research, design, content development, communication, tone of voice and evaluation of all interfaces, components and products with which end users interact. This includes hardware and software user interfaces, informational products, identifying user needs, tasks, procedures, capabilities and limitations when using technology and interacting with information.

Examples of interfaces you’ll learn to optimize UX for include:

Online Bachelor of Science in Human Systems Engineering – User Experience

Human systems engineering is a field devoted to designing, developing, implementing and evaluating systems. These complex systems are consistent with human capabilities and limitations. User experience (UX) is a subdivision of human systems engineering. UX designers focus on improving the usability of computer interfaces. They also make human-computer interactions more accessible and pleasurable.

Online Bachelor of Science in Human Systems Engineering

Human systems engineers consider human factors, such as human capabilities and limitations, to design technology that works well for the people who use it. An individual driving a car is a familiar example of a human-machine system. The driver receives information from outside the vehicle (traffic, sights and sounds) and from within the vehicle (the car’s gauges). The driver continuously evaluates this information to make a series of decisions as he continues to his destination.