Online Bachelor of Arts in Social Justice and Human Rights

A social justice and human rights degree is an interdisciplinary program that prepares you to effectively advocate for rights and equality in local, national and global contexts. The degree draws from a variety of social science disciplines including politics, sociology, history, anthropology and linguistics. All of these approaches come together in the degree to thoroughly examine pressing issues related to racial justice, immigration, feminism, refugee rights and more from a variety of perspectives.

In ASU’s social justice and human rights degree online you’ll gain essential knowledge related to rights and justice while taking courses from three different tracks:

  • Identity and place.
  • Law, citizenship and migration.
  • Social justice and inequality.

What skills will I learn in a social justice and human rights degree?


This degree equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in social justice and human rights work. In addition to gaining broad expertise in these topics, you’ll also gain essential transferable skills from across the social sciences. This includes skills in writing, communication and research. You’ll also develop a foundation in statistical analysis as you interpret and analyze human rights data in the program.

Why earn a social justice and human rights degree?


A social justice and human rights degree prepares you for a highly rewarding career where you can make a difference in your community and around the world. This degree trains you to work in community-engaged advocacy and effectively support marginalized groups. The skills gained in this program qualify you to enter a variety of growing career fields related to communications, advocacy, social services, politics, international relations and law.

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Social Justice and Human Rights (BA)
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A Black woman gives a presentation on social justice and human rights.
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Arizona State University’s social justice and human rights degree online gives you deep theoretical and practical knowledge of these two related fields. You’ll examine some of the most critical issues related to race, gender, sexuality, immigration and more while also learning the skills needed to lead positive change for marginalized communities.

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Coursework in this degree approaches rights and justice topics from political, social and cultural perspectives. Most classes will culminate with a paper that showcases the area-specific knowledge you developed in that course. At the end of the degree, you’ll take a capstone course where you will turn these final papers into a professional portfolio that can be shown to potential employers. Courses in this degree include:

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