Promote sustainable efforts for a greener economy

Why study sustainability?

Green jobs are becoming increasingly prominent as organizations make sustainability efforts a critical component of their overall business strategies. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects positive job growth in environmental science and sustainability across fields, including business, environmental engineering and science, law, urban planning, renewable energy and more. And according to the International Labour Organization, a shift to a greener economy could create millions of new jobs over the next decade.

Students displaying sustainability through riding their bikes to help reduce emissions into the environment.
Online sustainability degrees and certificates

The green jobs industry is diverse and varied, creating a bright future for graduates with sustainability and environmental science backgrounds. Our sustainability degrees cover a range of disciplines so you can realize your dream of creating an improved quality of life for future generations in a field that best suits your interests. Choose from programs in biomimicry, business, legal studies, engineering, leadership or tourism. Find your fit at ASU — 100% online.

What can you do with a sustainability degree?
Sustainability skills
  • Critical thinking.
  • Complex problem-solving.
  • Developing sustainable solutions.
  • Inspiring and motivating others.
  • Research.
  • Written and verbal communication.
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Sustainability jobs
  • Climate change analyst.
  • Environmental economist.
  • Green marketer.
  • Industrial ecologist.
  • Logistics analyst.
  • Sustainability director.
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Learn from sustainability leaders in business, law, engineering and more

Earn your sustainability degree through one of ASU’s top-ranked colleges or schools, including the School of Sustainability, W. P. Carey School of Business, Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering or Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, among others. Learn from top scholars in sustainability science, business and policy, governance, renewable energy and environmental science and gain access to an unparalleled suite of online services, all personalized to empower your success.

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Sustainability degrees
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Students displaying sustainability through riding their bikes to help reduce emissions into the environment.
Explore our complete list of sustainability degrees & learn about the jobs you can find with environmental science and sustainability skills.
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Online Master of Science in Complex Systems Science

We are surrounded by systems that are essential to our life and well being. Living organisms, ecosystems, corporations, societies, cities and even our bodies are complex adaptive systems. Complex systems are formed when different types of components interact in networks to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. In our bodies, skin cells, blood cells, nerve cells, bone cells and other kinds of cells all interact to form an individual who does not behave like any of the cells they are made from.

Online Master of Science in Sustainable Food Systems

Students earning a master’s in sustainable food systems will develop an understanding of today’s health, agriculture and environmental policymaking processes. You’ll study the interconnected factors of food policy. You’ll also learn how natural resource conservation ensures healthy agricultural, food and environmental systems. Graduates of the food systems master’s program will have knowledge of how American agriculture affects and is affected by global food trends and policies.

Online Sustainability Graduate Certificate

This program helps you build competencies relating to the preservation of the ecosystem. This includes problem-solving methods to address modern day issues impacting the environment.

By the end of this certificate program, you’ll be able to apply this knowledge in professional settings. Communication and collaboration with individuals from varied backgrounds are also two of the many skills you’ll gain from this program, preparing you to incorporate sustainability principles into a wide range of organizations.

Online Food Policy and Sustainability Leadership Graduate Certificate

This graduate certificate explores the social, political, economic and environmental factors that impact food systems. Courses will focus on the policies governing food systems and how these policies shape the way our food is grown and distributed. You’ll also learn about sustainable agriculture practices and natural resource management. In other courses, you’ll apply this knowledge as you learn strategies to shape food policy.

Online Executive Master of Sustainability Leadership

The demand for sustainability initiatives in the workplace is growing fast. Yet, many working professionals may not be ready to meet this demand. If you want to further develop your skills, the Executive Master of Sustainability Leadership may suit you. You'll work on practical case studies from your workplace to overcome sustainability challenges. Program coursework covers sustainability communication, leadership and strategy from a global perspective. You'll learn how to use sustainability practices to enhance societal and environmental systems.

Online Master of Legal Studies in Law and Sustainability

Policy decisions and legal constructs work alongside technological innovation to facilitate a sustainable future. As you work toward your environmental law master’s degree, you’ll learn how legal guidelines can be implemented to achieve outcomes related to conservation and resource management. In this program, you’ll interact with the latest research from the field, inspiring you to imagine new possibilities for how law and policy can support sustainability goals.

Online Master of Science in Engineering in Sustainable Engineering

The core principle of sustainable engineering is to enable long-lasting improvement of the human condition. One key goal is to avoid causing serious or irreparable damage to the environment. Similarly, sustainable engineers strive to complete work that supports the availability of natural resources in the future. Infusing sustainability into engineering from the ground up is an increasingly common strategy in many engineering professions.

Online Bachelor of Science in Sustainability

The online Bachelor of Science in sustainability is intended to assist students in creating solutions that promote resilient communities, ecosystems and economies. You’ll research current challenges and learn to shape new systems, processes and organizational structures to make a positive impact. In this interdisciplinary major, you can select one of the following tracks as an area of emphasis:

Online Master of Sustainability Leadership

Do you want to become a more effective sustainability leader? If so, the Master of Sustainability Leadership may be right for you. You’ll receive formal training and graduate education in sustainability practices from leading faculty. You'll learn to lead organizational change with social and environmental responsibility top of mind. Program coursework covers sustainability communication, leadership and strategy from a global perspective. These skills can help you make an immediate difference in your company, community or career.