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What is humanities?

The humanities explore human constructs and social relations throughout cultures and time periods. Humanities degrees take a multidisciplinary approach to education, fusing the disciplines of art, language, literature, philosophy and religion. Humanities majors graduate with highly sought-after soft skills in the professional workforce, such as collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving. Graduates can pursue careers in advertising, education, international relations, journalism and more.

Humanities teacher introducing sociology to his students during class.
Find a humanities degree for you

Arizona State University offers a plethora of online programs in the humanities. Humanities degrees appeal to students who are passionate about the arts, classic books, social policies and other related topics. Disciplines in the humanities include global studies, philosophy, religious studies, sociology and more. Our undergraduate and graduate programs will give you transferable skills, including creativity, cultural sensitivity and integrity, for employment in various industries.

What can I do with a humanities degree?
Humanities skills
  • Complex problem solving.
  • Creative and critical thinking.
  • Ethical judgment and integrity.
  • Intercultural and interpersonal skills.
  • Language and communication.
  • Social perceptiveness.
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Jobs for humanities graduates
  • Artist or animator.
  • Advertising sales agent.
  • Journalist or reporter.
  • Public relations manager.
  • Technical writer.
  • Teacher.
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Earn your degree from a top ranked university

ASU pursues excellence in education and advances research of public value. As a humanities major, you’ll have unparalleled support services and award-winning faculty to help you succeed. The university understands the importance of studying the human experience and embeds the humanities into programs and research initiatives.

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Humanities teacher introducing sociology to his students during class.
Humanities span several subjects from education, language, art, philosophy. Find a full list of online majors and human constructs and social relations throughout cultures and time periods.
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Online Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy – Morality, Politics and Law

These topics are important areas of focus in the field of philosophy. Moral philosophy serves as a cornerstone of the legal system and is closely intertwined with politics. Values such as liberty, equality and justice are open to various interpretations, each of which can influence policy and legislation. By applying a philosophical approach to ethical reasoning, you can better understand central issues that affect classical and modern interpretations of the law.

Online Master of Arts in English

If you’d like to pursue your passion for English and build upon your knowledge of literature and writing, you should consider the master’s in English program. Our online English degree incorporates many competencies related to the study of language and literature, from cultural studies to linguistics. You can also expect courses in rhetorical analysis, literary theory, genres, writing styles and research approaches as part of this well-rounded English program.

Online Master of Arts in History

The online history master’s degree is a thematic program covering a range of time periods and geographic locations. Instead of gaining concentrated knowledge on one specific topic, you’ll instead acquire a wide breadth of historical understanding and consider a variety of historical perspectives.

In the online master’s in history program, you can choose from two primary areas of study:

Online Master of Advanced Study in Film and Media Studies

Film and media studies is a comprehensive approach to learning about media. As a student in this master’s in media studies program, you’ll learn about the history of filmmaking and how it relates to modern digital media and television. You should expect to build analytical and communicative skills that support interpreting, teaching and creating media texts. Overall, this degree creates a deeper understanding of today’s powerful global media culture. 

Online Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

An online philosophy degree can build broadly useful talents, such as effective communication and leadership skills. Philosophical thought emphasizes logic and reason. It attempts to answer fundamental questions about the human condition and the natural world. As a student, you’ll focus on philosophical works and the abilities needed to analyze and discuss them, which have applications in both personal and professional life.

Online Bachelor of Arts in History

Earning an online history degree can be as simple as ensuring you qualify for the program, submitting your application with supporting documents and starting to work through the curriculum once accepted. First, you should ensure a bachelor’s degree in history is right for you. The ideal candidate is curious about the past and future. They enjoy finding and evaluating evidence, as well as making informed arguments.

Online Bachelor of Arts in Film and Media Studies

Film and media studies centers on advanced analysis of many forms of media beyond the film and television industry, including video games, social media and streaming services. This discipline focuses on building a comprehensive understanding of media and entertainment technologies through a historical, theoretical and analytical lens. Perhaps most importantly, it also explores the many ways in which film and media shape our understanding of social and cultural life.

Online Bachelor of Arts in Art – Art History

Earning an art history degree allows you to develop widely applicable abilities while studying topics with broad cultural appeal. In this program, you’ll learn about the economic, social and political contexts necessary for understanding artistic trends. You’ll also study related topics like media and performance studies, literature, history, science and anthropology. Through art, you can achieve a broader understanding of the world, learn to conduct research and enhance your critical thinking abilities.