Study the human experience with a humanities degree

What is humanities?

The humanities explore human constructs and social relations throughout cultures and time periods. Humanities degrees take a multidisciplinary approach to education, fusing the disciplines of art, language, literature, philosophy and religion. Humanities majors graduate with highly sought-after soft skills in the professional workforce, such as collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving. Graduates can pursue careers in advertising, education, international relations, journalism and more.

Humanities teacher introducing sociology to his students during class.
Find a humanities degree for you

Arizona State University offers a plethora of online programs in the humanities. Humanities degrees appeal to students who are passionate about the arts, classic books, social policies and other related topics. Disciplines in the humanities include global studies, philosophy, religious studies, sociology and more. Our undergraduate and graduate programs will give you transferable skills, including creativity, cultural sensitivity and integrity, for employment in various industries.

What can I do with a humanities degree?
Humanities skills
  • Complex problem solving.
  • Creative and critical thinking.
  • Ethical judgment and integrity.
  • Intercultural and interpersonal skills.
  • Language and communication.
  • Social perceptiveness.
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Jobs for humanities graduates
  • Artist or animator.
  • Advertising sales agent.
  • Journalist or reporter.
  • Public relations manager.
  • Technical writer.
  • Teacher.
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Earn your degree from a top ranked university

ASU pursues excellence in education and advances research of public value. As a humanities major, you’ll have unparalleled support services and award-winning faculty to help you succeed. The university understands the importance of studying the human experience and embeds the humanities into programs and research initiatives.

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Humanities teacher introducing sociology to his students during class.
Humanities span several subjects from education, language, art, philosophy. Find a full list of online majors and human constructs and social relations throughout cultures and time periods.
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Online Bachelor of Arts in Social Justice and Human Rights

A social justice and human rights degree is an interdisciplinary program that prepares you to effectively advocate for rights and equality in local, national and global contexts. The degree draws from a variety of social science disciplines including politics, sociology, history, anthropology and linguistics. All of these approaches come together in the degree to thoroughly examine pressing issues related to racial justice, immigration, feminism, refugee rights and more from a variety of perspectives.

Online Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies – Religion, Politics and Global Affairs

When you pursue a bachelor’s degree in religious studies with a concentration in religion, politics and global affairs, you’ll explore how the study of religion has shaped the modern world. You’ll learn how religion influences political culture, communal formation, nationalism and citizenship in local and global contexts. You’ll also gain theoretical training and research skills. These will enable you to analyze the role religion has in shaping political values, social movements and communal norms.

Online Bachelor of Arts in Art - Museum Studies

The museum studies bachelor’s degree concentration at Arizona State University is the first of its kind offered 100% online in the U.S. Regardless of your location, you’ll have access to the undergraduate program’s rigorous curriculum. It features coursework on the study of art and all facets of museums, from business and cultural tourism to fundraising and marketing. You’ll take courses developed and taught by recognized professionals in museum studies. You’ll explore art galleries, preservation societies, public art programs and more from global, historical and cultural contexts.

Online Master of Arts in World War II Studies

This program gives you the opportunity to explore one of the most devastating and far-reaching conflicts in history. Through your online courses, you’ll gain critical insight into the causes and legacy that touched every continent across the globe.

Additionally, ASU’s partnership with The National World War II Museum presents you with an incredible opportunity to learn from leading experts in World War II from both organizations.

Online Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art – Digital Photography

Student creation and peer critique are at the core of our online photography degree concentration. As you share images with your classmates remotely, you’ll learn to deliver and accept feedback to facilitate creative and artistic growth. Classes will introduce concepts and techniques, and students will learn by doing.

To fully participate in this distance-based studio program, you’ll need to invest in the appropriate technology. A digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera is recommended but any high-quality digital camera with fully manual options and video capacity is accepted.

Online Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies – Religion, Culture and Public Life

In the bachelor’s degree in religious studies, you’ll explore the impact of religion on societies throughout the world, with an emphasis on how it influences everyday life and its portrayal in art and media. By exploring religious depictions in popular culture, literature, film and more, you’ll develop an understanding of how belief systems are perceived and shared. 

Master of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

ASU Online’s Master of TESOL program provides background training in linguistic research, language-acquisition theories and trending teaching methodologies, so you can develop the talents needed to pursue a career teaching English to speakers of other languages.

Enrolling in a TESOL master’s program means exploring more immersive language experiences and broadening your possibilities for communication and collaboration. As a student, you’ll study a variety of topics, such as: